Tree Planting Clearwater

Tree Trimming Clearwater

Tree Planting Clearwater

The tree planting experts at Clearwater Tree Service and Stump Removal Pros have been providing tree care services for many years. Tree Planting Clearwater will help you maintain a healthy tree by trimming branches and performing pruning to eliminate disease risk factors and improve the overall health of your trees. We also provide stump removal to allow for landscaping improvements, new construction, and more.

Grounds with trees are attractive and appealing but few people understand the importance of trees or know why they should plant one. Trees shade homes from the scorching heat of summer’s sun and protect them from winter winds. They also offer protection against soil erosion during storms and reduce flood damage by absorbing rainwater into their root system. It adds value to the property, increase neighborhood safety by improving home security, beautify yards while reducing overall yard work with the planting of ground cover.

If you’re not sure which trees are best for your property or don’t have the time or skills to maintain them, Clearwater Tree Service and Stump Removal Pros can help you with tree maintenance, installation, and removal services.

Investment in the future of our earth's environment

Clearwater Tree Service and Stump Removal Pros offer rehabilitation solutions for commercial properties, homeowners, and contractors. Whether you want us to remove a tree from your yard or perform some preventive maintenance on your property, we have the expertise to suit all of your needs.

In addition to providing outstanding tree care for all types of residential environments – from estates to condos – we also handle commercial properties. With us as your partner in preservation, your business will never miss out on its opportunities for growth because of an unattractive landscape environment or unsafe conditions caused by deteriorating trees.

You can trust us with even the most difficult planting project like a massive tree plantation or even just a small tree nursery because we know how to do it right. Tree removal is also among our many services as we take care of stumps on-site and make sure they won’t cause further problems in the future.

Tree planting is a service in Clearwater, FL.

We are the company that offers affordable tree planting in Clearwater, FL with a variety of different types available to choose from. We have several types of trees that we can plant. If you would like to have a tree planted and don’t know which type, then ask us for our advice.

Our company’s staff is insured with their Florida licenses and bonds. They take great pride when doing any work on your property as they hope for your satisfaction effectively done. There is no job too big or small for them; whatever job comes the way they will do right away without hesitation or delay. When you call us for planting, we will send a crew to your home at a time that is favorable to the customer. We want our customers to have their trees planted as soon as possible.


Our services are affordably priced to meet the needs of all customers. We offer free estimates with no obligation and same-day service or next business day! We use only high-quality materials to ensure safety for our client’s pets and wildlife and guarantee our workmanship upon completion of all services.

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Clearwater Tree Service and Stump Removal pros are the best choices for your tree service needs. We are affordable, we offer exceptional customer service and our company stands behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today to discuss your tree removal needs.

Clearwater Tree Service and Stump Removal pros have years of experience working on residential properties. Our team is fully licensed and insured, and all of our services are 100% guaranteed.

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